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2016 AGM

The Osprey Class AGM will be held during the 2016 National Championship being hosted under the burgee of Mumbles YC.

The agenda is available and an item on the agenda is a revision to the Osprey Class Measurement Rules to incorporate the MkV variant. The AGM agenda and the DRAFT of the Measurement Rule changes are available in PDF format from the links below. There are two copies of the measurement rules, one has all the changes highlighted and the other is a 'clean' copy .

In introduction to the proposed changes to the measurement rules the following is a statement from David Downs who has been the lead on the proposed changes:

The principal change is to Section D Hull, where the vast majority has been moved to Appendix K and made applicable to Marks II and III only, while a new rule has been added requiring Mark IV & V hulls to be maintained as supplied by Hartley's other than adding, removing and changing fittings effecting repairs etc.

The rationale behind this change is that Section D defines the shape and construction of the parts that make up the hull  - i.e. hull shell, decks, thwart, buoyancy tanks etc. It would take a significant amount of work to "reverse engineer" a Mark V into this section of the rules and be of little value as all Mark Vs are built by Hartley Boats from their mold.

Other changes

  • A9 Amended to clarify that anyone wanting to build a wooden Osprey must seek authorisation from the Copyright holder prior to starting construction.
  • A10 Amended to clarify that it is the Copyright holder who issues sail numbers.
  • Section A Several amendments regarding Certification, proposal is that the Class  Association issue certificates that the owner signs to confirm that he/she will maintain it such that it conforms with the class rules and such that it would pass a flotation test. The intention being to put the onus on the owner to ensure his boat complies with the rules and is safe to race rather than the onus being on the Class Association .
  • C.6.2. No change is currently proposed to the hull weight, however it is proposed in due course once weight data has been captured to amend this to an "all up weight" in order to make checking of weight at events a more practical proposition.
  • Minor alterations to Section F & G to remove the requirement to be able to lower foresails whilst in "sailing orientation" and to allow zippers on foresails. This is just to avoid any problems of interpretation with stuff luff jibs as being used on the Mark V.

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