Overall results

This page will be updated with photographs after they have been looked through and approval from photographer obtained. In meantime enjoy the photographs taken by Richard White.

One of the competitors [Richard Packer] recorded some of their sailing during the event and have posted 3 video clips on YouTube - Upwind, 2-sail reach and downwind.

Final Report by Simon Hawkes 19 Aug 19:54 BST

Yet again the wind did not disappoint and the sun came out to warm the weary sailors after three hard days racing. Slightly more wind was evident and the race team wisely postponed to see if as forecast it would moderate slightly from the average 25 knots to 30 knot gusts.

With the RS Games taking place next door in Portland harbour then their actions could easily influence whether the Ospreys would be heading out in to the more exposed and lumpy Weymouth bay. The 700s, 800s, 300s and 100s abandoned racing due to the conditions, but the rumour was the 400s might go out to play.

The hardy race team were firm in their resolve to give the top four a chance to compete and the remainder the chance to enjoy the Osprey at its finest, on the sea in waves and wind.

So the fleet launched and headed out to the race area in what became a solid 26 knots at the committee boat. After one general recall the 25 boat fleet were away with Blue Moon 5 boat lengths ahead of the fleet and bang on a well planned transit from the middle of the line. This catapulted them to the windward mark first. The reaches were two sail and one with spinnakers able to be used pretty well on the limit.

This left Terry Curtis, Piers, Sam Barker and Matt Burge scrapping around the course defending current positions and hoping to gain on each other.

It was tough and tiring with places changing right up until the finish and as the results show Terry clung on by his fingernails and Sam squeaked in on the extra boat required to pass Matt for second place.

Superb judgement by the race team had allowed the race to take place but sadly time precluded the running of the final race and the fleet headed in.

People will remember this as an outstanding championship quite rightly and in all respects as well as the incredible conditions.

Individual race tropy winners, early bird prize draw and loud shirt winners

Race 01 PLYCRAFT TROPHY           Terry Curtis & Peter Greig

Race 02 MOUNTS BAY                    Sam Barker & Mike Greig

Race 03 MARLOW ROPES              Matt Burge & Stuart Maunder

Race 04 MARTINI TROPHY            Terry Curtis & Peter Grieg

Race 05 PROCTOR MEMORIAL    Sam Barker & Mike Grieg

Race 06 SAUNDERSFOOT              Martin Cooney & Peter Frith

Race 07 HARTLEY BOATS                Terry Curtis & Peter Greig

Race 08 GUL TROPHY                      Matt Burge & Stuart Maunder

Race 09 PALMERS TROPHY           Angus Hemmings & Adam Bowers

Early Entry Prize Draw was won by Ken Brown & Chris Butters from Sheppey.

Loud Shirt prize won by Huw Owen from Tenby.

Day 3 by Simon Hawkes 18 Aug 16:53 BST

The wind gods are still with us although today there is a little bit of cloud that is gradually clearing. The wind between 15 and 20 knots from a westerly direction looked good for yet another great day in Weymouth Bay.

The Sheppey Raffle, having caused more than a few hangovers the night before, does not seemed to have dampened any enthusiasm, especially for dressing up in the case of the organiser, Ken Brown and his Sheppey associates.

The results sheet is starting to show the beginnings of a pattern at the halfway stage with the expected names towards the front and some newcomers. Some who you would expect to be going well are struggling a little with boat speed and consistency. This seems a common thread where the conditions seem straightforward but skill and no small amount of luck to get the best out of your boat.

As the recorded wind angle chart showed from the committee boat although some sort of oscillation was evident it was interspersed with a few unexpected kicks which would have been almost impossible to predict. Such is the professionalism and dedication of Weymouth Sailing Club and the depth of skills available to them.

The three moving ahead at the moment and consistent are Sam Barker, Matt Burge and Terry Curtis a few points clear of the chasing pack but unable to make any mistakes as it is all so close.

Crews are fighting their own battles at the moment as well as their fleet positions, none more so than the two leading ladies, Emma Stevenson and Alex Willis in 10th and 11th position and separated by only 2 points at the start of play today.

Emma a Weymouth Sailing Club member has even finished racing yesterday and baked 100 buns to contribute to the feast the crews are offered when coming off the water. No excuses for any other competitors to be feeling tired after that superb effort!

As well as thanking Weymouth Sailing Club for hosting the event the Class Association would like to thank the kind supporters and sponsors of the class; Clamcleats, Hartley Boats, Allen Sailing, Seasure, Marlow Ropes and Gul.

Day 2 by Simon Hawkes 17 Aug 19:38 BST  

When I was a kid I was captivated by a Beken of Cowes book of photographs, one of which was a yacht travelling fast across San Francisco Bay. The important bit was the caption which of its time said, "Such a day as yachtsmen live for".

Well this was Weymouth Bay at its best and was totally apt for the wonderful sailing day the Ospreys enjoyed today.

Three races were scheduled starting at midday with sunshine and the wind building through the day from 12 to around 20 knots.

The wind was a little shifty but challenged the skills of all the racers. There were many place changes and a few capsizes, but everyone came ashore with a grin on their face.

The fleet is settling to the racing now and looking forward to three more similar races tomorrow.

Day 1 by Simon Hawkes 16 Aug 19:45 BST

The day started with heavy rain and was grey, dismal and very little wind. As the morning wore on and the competitors prepared themselves, the weather brightened and by launch time the sun had started to appear.

Out of 47 entrants 44 made it on to the water. The level of organisation and planning ranged from one boat ' Blue Moon' still screwing fittings back on after a well deserved re-fit and the owner having to return home to fetch the hatch covers and 'Peek a Boo' having been so well prepared it was even polished yesterday but still last out by a long way as they had to sail all the way back in as they forgot the trapeze harness. The crew deciding it was quicker to dive in to the water, climb a rusty ladder and run 200m to fetch it then return to the boat.

Tim Rush was on hand monitoring the fleet from a rib and giving helpful feedback to the competitors after the evening curry. Sadly, not having been able to be on the water, watching I am reliably informed it was fantastic. The sun came out and a changeable 15 to 20 knots blew down the course. A better than Prosecco day's sailing!

The two pictures show the winners of the two races. As many will know each boat is powered by one of the formidable Greig brothers. Mikey is the one lifting his helmsman "Sam Barker" to his boat wondering whether to have him as a snack or save him for later.

The other is Pete who differently is questioning whether he needs to pack the oxygen and did anyone tell Terry's care home he might be late back?

Three days of friendly and competitive racing lie ahead along with a packed evening events list.

More thrilling instalments to come.

Preview of 'Runners & Riders' by Kevin Francis by Kevin Francis 28 Jul 16:58 BST

August 16th-19th sees the Osprey National Championships taking place from Weymouth Sailing Club. With only a little under three weeks to go and the entry already at a point that will surpass the previous Weymouth best of 40 boats it's time to look down the list of competitors and pick out some teams that are likely to be fighting it out at the top.

1. 1322 Peek a Boo, Matt Burge & Stuart Maunder
This team are always a welcome regular at the Osprey Nationals and have had a very successful track record over previous years. Matt seems very at home in Stuarts Hartley Mk IV and as such is predicted to be a top 3 contender. The club have put in additional supplies at the bar to keep Matt hydrated during the evening socials.

2. 1234 Plan B, Terry Curtis & Peter Greig
Current National Champions, this hugely experienced team will take some beating. Having restored an older Mk III for this campaign there are still some tweaks to be made and a few more open meetings would have helped the preparation but it's still very likely that they will have found the fast button in time. Terry having just returned from a great performance at the OK dinghy Worlds is also match fit and keen to prove the new boat.

3. 1356 Shippy McShip Face, Ben & Simon Hawkes
Well known father and son combo that have really dialled in the boat and teamwork this year, so far they have been in great form sweeping up a number of Open wins on the bounce and looking ever more dominant. Simon has returned to crewing duties and has sacrificed some Phantom ballast for a leaner meaner look. Over time they have helped develop Exe sails for the boat and now look to have the speed and height needed for the big one. This pairing is anticipated to be right up there at the front.

4. 1290 Swiftwun, Martin Cooney & Peter Frith
Great ambassadors for the class and Multiple Nationals winners, this team know all there is to know about the Osprey and will be keen to teach the new generation a few lessons. Still super consistent they last won the trophy in 2015 but are more than capable of putting that right especially if they get away from the pack.

5. 1116 Lethal Weapon, Sam Barker & Mikey Greig
A newly formed team for this year, Sam is well known locally and beyond for his exploits successfully helming pretty much anything that floats and will get the most out of the Osprey, Mikey is a hugely experienced crew and the owner of the legendary Lethal Weapon, so especially if it's a windy event these could well be the surprise package.

6. 1363 Robbers Alley, Alistair Raynard & Rob Burdekin
Another relatively new team to the Osprey these boys hail from Carsington and have quietly set about refining the new Mk V boat to great effect. They have been ever present in 2018 especially in the favoured lighter winds and have claimed several Open wins to help boost the confidence. If conditions suit them they will be ones to watch.

Rumours abound that Adam Bowers will return this year in Blue Moon complete with new paint job and if this is the case then yet another former Champion will be sure to mix it all up.

Preparations are now well in hand, the social programme is being finalised and plenty of beer is on order. If you own an Osprey, new or old and have never attended a Nationals then this would be the year, we are a friendly, family orientated class that enjoys exciting racing and relaxed socials, find out more at www.ospreysailing.org. The class would like to take this opportunity to thanks its generous sponsors for their continued support: Hartley boats, Sea Sure, Allen, Marlow Ropes, Rain and Sun, Moatt Sails, Gul and Clam Cleat.