2018 Wilkinson Sword Trophy

The final standings after the final event. Only two points separated first from second overall, with third a further 4 points adrift. Close at the end.

Congratulations Terry Curtis and your crews Peter Greig & Andy Rushworth on winning 2018 Wilkinson Sword Trophy.

Keep a look out for the 2019 Wilkinson Sword events list.

Report by David Downs and photos copyright (c) Colin Jenkins


Four travelling Ospreys joined two Ospreys from the home club to make up the largest class at the Mumbles Regatta on 11th and 12th June.  The Osprey National Championship will be held at Mumbles in August so this was an opportunity to practice the conditions in Swansea Bay. 

After a significant postponement to allow the wind to fill in and settle the dinghy fleet including the Ospreys set off into a very light Southerly breeze. Ken Brown and Chris Butters in Osprey 1338, following much pre-start practice made the perfect start in clear air at the right end of the line but unfortunately precisely 15 seconds after everyone else had set off, we are not sure who was in charge of timekeeping.  This allowed the two lady helms Emma Stevenson crewed by Tim Bowden and Ros Downs crewed by husband David to take first and second place. The wind increased slightly for the second race and Ken and Chris having adjusted their watches won the race with Emma and Tim second.  With the wind still fickle and the tide going out rapidly the scheduled third race was postponed.

Sunday dawned overcast but with a bit more breeze and with a bit more west in it. Ken and Chris rounded the windward mark in the lead and set off on a two sail reach towards a mooring buoy while the rest of the fleet hoisted spinnakers and went for the wing mark.  We are not sure who was in charge of navigation.  This race was again contested between the two ladies who were in danger of getting involved in a bit of a match race. The wind continued to build for the last two races with the Ospreys requiring urgent de-powering by the final race.  Ken and Chris took an early bath while starting the second beat.  We are not sure who’s fault that was.  The leading two Ospreys engaged in another close battle with very interesting gybes at the wing mark on the last lap.  Emma and Tim in Osprey 1175 held on to win that race and the event, while Ros and David in Osprey 1114  put in a consistent set of four second places to finish second overall.

Ken and Chris in third place and Andrew and Rebecca Jenkins in their mark 2A Osprey completed the Osprey domination at the top of the leader board. The prize giving was held in beautiful warm welsh sunshine on the roof terrace of Mumbles Yacht Club, clearly this is the place to be for the Osprey Nationals in August!

Overall Results

1st Osprey 1175  Emma Stevenson and Tim Bowden          5 pts

2nd Osprey 1114 Ros Downs and David Downs                      8 pts

3rd Osprey 1338 Ken Brown and Chris Butters                      11 pts

4th Osprey 1264 Andrew Jenkins and Rebecca Jenkins     17 pts

6th Osprey 1278 Alex Shaw and Richard Woffinden           26 pts

8th Osprey 1263 Alistair Ramsden and Steve Ace               28.5 pts