Next Class Events

The 2018 UK National Championship takes place from Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th August hosted by Weymouth Sailing Club. There were 39 entries before the early entry deadline of 23:59 BST on Saturday 30th June. How many more to enter?

2018 UK National Championship

Burnham Regatta takes place from 2th August to 27th August

Burnham Regatta

Scottish & Northerns - Keilder

The event takes place on 8th & 9th September. More details to come.

Scottish & Northerns - Keilder

A 40-mile clockwise circumnavigation of the Isle Of Sheppey in north Kent organised by IOS Sailing Club. The UK's longest annual dinghy, cat & board race! Open to all classes of dinghy, catamaran & sailboard. Sea, river & estuary sailing with tidal conditions. More information by clicking image or title.

Round Isle of Sheppy

The Round the Island Race is scheduled for 15th or 16th September 2018. The NoR, Entry Form and Equipment Checklist are all now available. Entries are limited to twenty boats, this is the most that we consider we have the facilities to deal with. More information by clicking image or title.

Round the Island Race

CONISTON SAILING CLUB Invited you to their Open Dinghy Regatta Sat 28th May to Mon 30th May 2016. Full details

Report by ArtyB below photo of Osprey start line photo from Alec Mamwell


Report: Coniston Open/Regatta May 28th-30th

Five Ospreys competed in the Coniston Open this year, enjoying that rare occurrence-a sunny bank holiday. Willy Crichton had wanted to join in too, but was busy playing host to some trial bikers on his land.

The Saturday brought very light winds as forecast, and Alec Mamwell and Arthur Butler popped out at the front, followed by Rob Shaw and Ian Little, then Ros and David Downs and Paul Heather and Jonathan Osgood were last. Mike and Viola Scott were busy with their new house purchase so missed the first race. They rigged their boat and got changed, only to find that the second race was sensibly postponed until the following day in the hope of better conditions.

Angela and Alec hosted a large proportion of the fleet at their house, with other travellers staying in nearby campsites. Several of the visitors extended their stay by a day or two to enjoy the walking and scenary offered by this stunning location. Rob Swyer took some great photos.

Sunday again brought light shifty wind conditions, except during the lunch break when the wind strengthened and steadied. Viola and Mike won race two, bringing them into the competition. Arthur and Alec should have won race three, but missed a mark out and ended up fourth after sailing two legs extra. Paul and Jonathan made a habit of being over the start line, perhaps confused by the changeable wind conditions, and occasional running start. For one start they were even sailing backwards.

The race team fitted in four races, despite the challenging conditions. It's not often that the last boat finishing is a Dart cat. The regatta event was also well attended. It was nice to see Don Flannery who popped in.

The club provided food and of course the bar. On Sunday night the entertainment was 'Coniston's Got Talent' and a music quiz. Raffle tickets, photos and cakes were on sale to help fund the building of new changing rooms due for completion later this year.

Monday started with a fresh breeze, which promptly lessened when racing got underway, only returning during the lunch break. Paul and Jonathan went aground with their fixed rudder, but suffered no damage. There was the usual mix of hire electric launches stopping in front of racing boats, and another boat being rowed slowly backwards near a start to add to the entertainment.

Alec and Arthur went into the last race knowing they could not be caught, this might have encouraged a slightly dubious windward mark rounding which led to Viola calling them 'very, very naughty'. At that stage Mike and Viola couldn't beat Rob and Ian either, and only the final two places could change (without relying on count back) if Paul and Jonathan came first and Ros and David came last; which is what transpired.

Alec and Arthur won the Osprey event and also the first Coniston boat trophy, which lead to the unusual remark at a prize giving of 'grab the horn'.

Many thanks to all at Coniston for a great event, which featured close racing. Champagne sailing conditions arrived on Tuesday and Wednesday...

Overall results were:

Helm and Crew Boat R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 Overall Points

Alec Mamwell and Arthur Butler 1350 1 (3) (4) 1 1 1 3 7
Rob Shaw and Ian Little 1337 (2) 2 1 2 (3) 2 2 9
Viola and Mike Scott 1314 (6/DNS) 1 2 (5) 2 3 4 12
Paul Heather and Jonathan Osgood 1292 4 (5) (5) 4 4 4 1 17
Ros and David Downs 1114 3 4 3 3 (5) (5) 5 18