All wood built around 1973 and was dry stored for the last seven years.

I purchased this recently with the unrealistic intention of fettling it and getting it on the water with Ben. Reality is setting in and I will just not have sufficient time with all the sailing I am hoping to do.

I am not in a position to post pictures at the moment but it is complete wooden MkIII which was originally built to a very high standard. Just short of rudder blade at this time but including sails and combi and a worn cover.

It will be sold for the same price I purchased in order for a realist to get it sailing and in the fleet. £200 is all I ask.

It has a very small amount of rot in the bottom at the back of the centreboard case and the glue has dried out on a couple of gunwhale edges.The centreboard case is completeley solid. A project certainly but I am informed that it is very do-able. A genuine expert has assessed it and feels it could be made nice again without too much hassle.

Re roping and other minor rigging items will be required.

Expressions of interest welcome and personal assessment would be best.

Please PM me if interested on Facebook []. The boat is still in the Taunton area and can be made available to view.

Simon Hawkes