Gerald Iddon an old Osprey Salt celebrated his 80th birthday on Wednesday the 9th Dec 2015. The celebration started with a party on Saturday 5th Dec, several old Osprey Sailors were there. The attached photographs, particularly the first may be of interest. I will name them from left to right and list the boats they owned and sailed, this will  bring back happy memories for Osprey sailors who no longer compete.

Gerald Iddon   Nutcracker 489, Crackertoo  [number not known], Smuggler 1145

Ray Pengelly Gerald`s long serving crew.

Colin Holden    Frank Peacock`s crew for many years.

Frank Peacock   633 LuneyBird.

Walter  [Wally } Gardiner.594  Puddled, 804  Ogopogo, 1114 Just Pogo,  1334 Back Again

Long serving crew men  ONE Richard Hartley and Paul Sewell, both AWOL

With our Wives.  Barbara Gerald`s wife went walk about