2018 Wilkinson Sword Trophy

The current standings with two events left in the series:

  • End of Season Final Fling at Rutland SC on 29th & 21st October [joint meeting with 420, Contender & Hornet classes]
  • Shoreham Open on 28th October, [this is a rearranged date after original event was cancelled due to strong wind forecast]

Shoreham rerun is happening on the 28th October as a one day event everybody is welcome. I will open the bar on Saturday if people want to come the day before. We are planning an 11 o'clock start.
John & Caz

It is two months until the 2016 Osprey Nationals, held on 11-14 August at Mumbles in South Wales. And one of the local Osprey sailors from South Wales is a happy man, being announced today as the winner of the prize draw for early entries.

Rain and Sun Dinghy Covers is a sponsor of the Osprey Nationals, and kindly donated a cover as an incentive for competitors to enter early. 24 early entries went in to the hat on 31 May, and the lucky winner was Ted Lewis, from Tenby.

Phil Bull of Rain and Sun Dinghy Covers said, “I’m delighted to support the Osprey class, and very much enjoyed sailing Ospreys myself just a few years ago. It is a fantastic boat, and I wish the class another successful Championship.

There is still time to enter the Osprey Nationals at the discounted early entry fee which is still open until 30th June. So Osprey sailors with an eye for a bargain should enter now, at a fee of £140. Thereafter, the entry fee goes up to £165. Under 21 entries are encouraged, at a fee of £130.

The Championship will be held over four days, with a mix of triangle sausage and trapezoid courses, and two or three races every day.

The Championship has attracted a glittering array of sponsors from across the marine industry, so competitors have the chance of earning various goodies, as well as competing for the class’s extensive stock of historic silverware. Class enthusiasts are looking forward to seeing the brand new Osprey Mark 5s competing for the first time at this year’s Nationals.

Perhaps you would like to join in? There is still time to buy an Osprey and join in the fun. To find out more about the Class and the Championship, go to www.ospreysailing.org , where a number of second hand boats are advertised, or Facebook pages Osprey and Sail Osprey.

  • Class media contact; Alan Henderson, 01292 281383 or 0754 9834061. E mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Class website; www.ospreysailing.org.
  • Free draw sponsor; www.rainandsun.co.uk . 023 8034 8854

Sole class builder; www.hartleyboats.com. 01332 369751.

The Osprey is a big two person fast dinghy, with single trapeze and symmetric spinnaker.