2018 Wilkinson Sword Trophy

The final standings after the final event. Only two points separated first from second overall, with third a further 4 points adrift. Close at the end.

Congratulations Terry Curtis and your crews Peter Greig & Andy Rushworth on winning 2018 Wilkinson Sword Trophy.

Keep a look out for the 2019 Wilkinson Sword events list.

Classic Boat Article

Classic Boat magazine have an article on the Osprey. Alan Henderson & Oscar Chess helped them with the article.

Clamcleats Ltd is very proud to announce our sponsorship to Osprey Class National Championships this year. The event will be held at Mumbles Yacht Club on 11th to 14th August 2016, in South Wales.

We are delighted to support the Osprey class. During four days, Sailors will enjoy 2 or 3 races every day. The yacht club will offer a rooftop with panoramic views of the bay, and live tracking of races will be shown in the club for the first time at an Osprey Nationals. Moreover the new Osprey Mark V will participate for the first time at this year’s National Championship. All the components are in place to offer an amazing show for sailors and spectators alike.

To find out more about the event go to http://www.ospreysailing.org

About Clamcleats Limited

We are a family business, owned and run by engineers. We have been established for 50 years in England, as Clamcleats Ltd, manufacturing both our own and other companies' products.

Performance rope holding are the key words.

Clamcleat® rope cleats have always been produced at our factory in Welwyn Garden City (Hertfordshire) from design and toolmaking, through casting and moulding to finishing and packaging.

Our cleats can be used in a variety of applications. The products include the Clamcleat® range for sailboats, dinghies, kitesurfing and windsurfing and the Line-Lok® guy-line runners for tents and hammocks. All ranges are renowned and sold throughout the world.

Find out more marine and industrial applications on www.clamcleat.com

In addition to the products shown in our catalogue, we are also able to supply special models or adaptations of existing cleats.

If you see one of our cleats at the championship, feel free to take pictures or videos and we will be pleased to share them on our Facebook, Twitter and Youtube pages as well as a special mention on our website.

Note: Clamcleat® is the trade mark of Clamcleats Limited.

For further information about Clamcleats Limited, please contact:

Anastasia Hovésépian

Clamcleats Limited

0044 (0)1707 330101

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