2018 Gul Osprey Round Island Race

Event date is 15th or 16th September 2018.

The event is now over and all boats completed the course, What was amazing that after 8.5 hours of racing the last boat finished less than 14 minutes behind the first one. Report and results


Links to all documents plus more information here, includes links to recently added Risk Assessment [including mandatory equipment list] and tidal streams.

Sailing Southwest provided trackers and have set up a page on their website which includes a link where people can track the event live and watch replays on the day. 


Class Magazines

Electronic copies of the printed Osprey Class magazines that have been acquired by Huw Pearce over the years, which cover the period 1972 to 2018 are now available.If anyone has a copy of a magazine not available here then please get in touch.

A history of class magazine and yearbook publications and significant events plus the latest sail number for a year, Publications History, is available.

Copies of magazines from December 2001to December 2011 are from the original electronic form but reduced in quality to reduce file size and therefore make the speed of download quicker, plus save bandwidth of our web server. The quality has been targeted at viewing on ebook readers and computer screens. In many cases the original PDF file size has been reduced by over 85%. 

The copies of magazines prior to December 2001 will be scanned and converted to PDF format. The quality of these magazines is less than the conversions of those originally in electronic format. However in most cases it is still more than acceptable in the opinion of the webmaster!

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