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Odthings Go Upwind

Odthings Go Upwind

In common with most other classes there are a few formalities which should be completed by the owner of an Osprey before the boat is raced. These are:-


  • The boat should have a measurement certificate in the current owner's name, with valid buoyancy and sail endorsements. The procedure for measurement is detailed in the Osprey Class Measurement Rules.
  • There must be a current Association membership sticker attached to the certificate and a current Association boat sticker attached to the outside face of the transom. These stickers are sent to members of the Association on receipt of the annual subscription, and without this the measurement certificate is not valid, and the boat is liable to be disqualified from race results.
  • Insurance cover for third-party and racing risks. This is basic common sense.


Are you compliant with RRS 78.1 & 78.2?
In many cases, class rules attach safety requirements to the validity of a measurement or rating certificate such as annual buoyancy tests (this is so with the Osprey Class) and/or the carrying of safety equipment. Because probably 99.9% of clubs invoke the use of the RRS in their sailing instructions, it would be prudent to ensure that the requirements of 78.1 & 78.2 are indeed complied with.

In the case of 78.2, when a certificate cannot be produced at an event, clubs are reminded that the facility for a statement to be signed by the person in charge is not intended to permit a certificate to be issued subsequent to the event, but purely that an existing certificate has been forgotten or mislaid and is not available at registration.

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